Maria La Gorda Las Tetas de Maria – Maria’s Breasts

Clown Fish Maria La Gorda Cuba

Dive Site – Las Tetas de Maria – Maria’s Breasts

Depth Range: 65 feet (20 meters)

The Maria’s Breasts dive site at Maria La Gorda is named after the conspicuous shape of two rock formations that jut out to sea from the coastline. The dive site is located just in line with these dual rock incursions. Sandy channels meander their way around large size coral covered rock formations and are the most prominent features of this dive site. An excellent (and colorful) variety of coral can be found at the Tetas de María site including; flower, leaf, brain and lettuce. Soft corals are also plentiful. Clown, snappers, angelfish, jacks and groupers are prominent in this area.

Lettuce Coral Maria La Gorda