Maria La Gorda Paraiso Perdido – Lost Paradise

Sea Turtle Maria La Gorda

Dive Site – Paraiso perdido – Lost Paradise

Depth range: 60-100feet (20 to 66m)

Coordinates: 21 46. 154 N 84 31. 372W

The Lost Paradise dive site offers both an impressive array of coral and fish in a relatively compact area which is truly delightful. Divers will be awestruck by the huge sea lettuce and flower corals together with gigantic sea fans, whips and rods, surrounded by vast basket stars (Crinoids) and large yellow tubular sponges (Aplysina fistularis). The density of sponges and fans increases as you move closer to the coral reef wall, which begins at the depth of 30 meters and reveals a great deal of spectacular marine life. The wall has numerous interesting holes and crevices to explore offering shelter to a variety of fish and invertebrate species. Ascending along the wall to the higher marine terrace, divers will find nicely spaced shallower regions meandering through sandy channels. It is common to see shoals of blue trumpetfish  as well as angelfish, groupers, snappers and surgeons.

Yellow-Tube-Sponges-Maria-La Gorda