Maria la Gorda Popular Dive Sites

Maria La Gorda Dive Boat

Maria La Gorda dive center has no less than 50 world-class dive sites while, another 50 splendid locations are largely left unvisited. The beauty of Maria La Gorda is that all of them are less than an hour motorboat ride from the marina jetty, while most are just 5 minutes away from the resort, literally within swimming distance. Maria La Gorda has an all-year-round Diving season offering over 40m normal visibility and average water temperatures of the 24°-30°C depending on the time of year, the coldest months being from Nov to Feb.

Divers Maria La Gorda

As with any international dive center of this scale and notoriety, a decompression-chamber and 24H manned clinic is reachable within minutes by the emergency helicopter located near the resort. The most popular dive sites are listed to the right.