Maria La Gorda Salon de Maria – Maria Hall

Maria La Gorda Diving Fish

Dive Site – Salon de Maria – Maria´s Hall

Depth Range: 65 feet (20 meters)

Coordinates: 21 48. 659N 84 30. 820W

A popular dive site at Maria La Gorda is of course Maria´s Hall. Essentially a cave the site is characterized by varied sponges and ornate coral formations. The Salon de Maria is located just 10 min away from the resort by boat and is probably one of the first dive sites you’ll visit at Maria la Gorda. The cave can be entered through any one of three entrances, all offering bright purple, pink, blue and green coral walled decoration. The cave is home to large number of tropical fish as well as coral and yellow sponges.

Maria La Gorda crab