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Characteristics of Maria La Gorda Diving Sites

The Maria la Gorda diving zone is also known as the Ensenada de Corrientes. It is one of the most protected seascapes in Cuba, located within the limits of one of the best preserved Biosphere Reserve in the world. It has an amazing coral reef maturity located just a short distance from the coast and […]

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Why Dive at Maria La Gorda?

All diving sites in Cuba reveal a largely virgin untouched underwater world, offering some of the most beautiful and most interesting diving areas in the whole Caribbean. The underwater-landscapes unique to Cuba include interesting caves and labyrinths, mysterious shipwrecks and a vast beautiful variety of sea coral allied to a rich marine world. Let us […]

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Maria La Gorda Salon de Maria – Maria Hall

Dive Site – Salon de Maria – Maria´s Hall Depth Range: 65 feet (20 meters) Coordinates: 21 48. 659N 84 30. 820W A popular dive site at Maria La Gorda is of course Maria´s Hall. Essentially a cave the site is characterized by varied sponges and ornate coral formations. The Salon de Maria is located […]

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