Why Dive at Maria La Gorda?

Maria La Gorda Cuba Dive

All diving sites in Cuba reveal a largely virgin untouched underwater world, offering some of the most beautiful and most interesting diving areas in the whole Caribbean. The underwater-landscapes unique to Cuba include interesting caves and labyrinths, mysterious shipwrecks and a vast beautiful variety of sea coral allied to a rich marine world. Let us not forget that the Jardines del Rey reef off Cuba’s north coast is the world’s second largest after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. While Maria La Gorda is not part of the aforementioned reef, its location is as equally spectacular, if not even more exclusive and unspoiled, due to the largely absent tourist developments in the Pinar del Rio area.

Fish Diving Maria La Gorda Cuba

Diving at Maria La Gorda means you’ll acquaintance yourself with a broad spectrum of marine life, from simple mollusks and tropical fish, right through to the elegant and powerful Barracudas and sharks, stingrays and gigantic Murray eels. All this you will find around Maria la Gorda dive sites.